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Cell Phone Comparisons
Samsung Captivate vs. Apple iPhone 4

Wirefly Learn » Resources » Cell Phone Comparisons

July 23rd, 2010


Key Differences

  • Operating system: The Samsung Captivate is an Android-powered device featuring Samsung’s custom user interface called TouchWiz (version 3.0).  The Android platform and TouchWiz include a number of differences, and depending on personal opinion, enhancements when compared to the iPhone OS — perhaps most notably superior customization options and the ability to add widgets.  Many users, however, prefer the simplicity and minimalism of the iPhone OS.  The latest version of the iPhone OS also offers multitasking, although the multitasking capabilities as compared to Android (a seasoned multitasker) are still somewhat limited.  Android users will also be quick to remind you of other Android advantages such a free turn-by-turn GPS directions, voice-to-text, the ability to install any application you wish without being limited to only approved apps, and more.  Certainly, the differences are many (and beyond the scope of this comparison), and the choice between the two popular operating systems is one of personal preference.
  • Side-By-Side Comparison

    Samsung Captivate Apple iPhone 4
    Samsung Captivate Apple iPhone 4
    Shop Now
    Wirefly’s Price
    (as of publish date)
    $49.99 Not available at Wirefly
    Carrier AT&T AT&T
    Operating System Android iOS 4
    Interface TouchWiz 3.0
    Display 4″, 480 x 800 Pixels, AMOLED 3.5″, 960 x 640 Pixels
    Data Speed 3G 3G
    Global Roaming Yes Yes
    WiFi 802.11 b/g/n 802.11 b/g/n
    Bluetooth Bluetooth 3.0 Bluetooth 2.1
    Mobile Hotspot No No
    Camera 5-megapixel, autofocus 5-megapixel, LED flash and autofocus
    Front-facing Camera No VGA
    Video Capture HD; Up to 720p HD; Up to 720p
    HD Output None None
    Apps Android Market Apple App Store
    Adobe Flash Support Adobe Flash Lite No
    Storage Space 16GB on-board; Support for up to 32GB microSD card 16GB or 32GB on-board flash drive
    Keyboard Virtual QWERTY Virtual QWERTY
    Battery Up to 5.83 hours talk time; up to 340 hours standby Up to 7 hours talk time; up to 300 hours standby
    Processor ARM Cortex-A8 Hummingbird, 1000 MHz Apple A4
    Memory RAM: 512MB
    Microsoft Outlook Support Yes Yes
    View Word Docs Yes Yes
    Weight 4.16 oz 4.8 oz
    Dimensions 2.53″ x 4.82″ x 0.39″ 2.31″ x 4.5″ x 0.37″
  • Power: In the mobile phone food chain, both the Samsung Captivate and iPhone 4 are tops dogs. The Captivate is equipped with an ultra-fast fast 1 GHz Hummingbird processor and 512MB of RAM. The Apple iPhone 4 has Apple’s own A4 processor, which hovers around the 1 GHz mark as well, although Apple hasn’t disclosed specifics on the processor.
  • Display: The Samsung Captivate has a large and gorgeous 4-inch display with 480 x 800 pixels. Because f its large display, the Captivate is an ideal mobile device for movie-watching and web browsing. The iPhone 4 has a relatively moderately sized display (as smartphones go), but offers an impressive and industry best 960 x 640 pixels. As such, the iPhone 4 has many more pixels-per-square-inch than the Captivate, making it a significantly higher resolution device. The Captivate is equipped with an ultra-thin Super AMOLED (active-matrix organic light-emitting diode) screen. The AMOLED screen will provide a number of advantages, including a brighter screen, less sunlight reflection, and reduced power consumption.
  • Camera: Both devices are equipped with an advanced 5-megapixel camera with autofocus and the ability to record HD-quality video up to 720P. The iPhone 4 offers on-board video editing capabilities by way of a mobile version of iMovie. The iPhone 4 also features an LED flash, while the Samsung Captivate does not have a flash. The iPhone 4 offers an impressive video chat experience (limited to WiFi) that can utilize either a front-facing VGA camera or the rear 5-megapixel camera while the Captivate is not equipped with a front-facing camera.
  • Samsung All Share: Featuring DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) technology, the Captivate will be able to wirelessly send user-generated video content to other DLNA-enabled devices, such as TV’s, monitors and laptops.

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152 Responses to “Samsung Captivate vs. Apple iPhone 4”

  • listen ppl i own the Samsung captivate for 2 years and now i got the new iPhone 4s and to be honest, even tough the iPhone 4s is faster when i surf in the internet; it seems kinda restricted for apple. It’s like if i have a PC computer and a mac computer…right now i think im gonna sell my iphone4s and keep my Samsung captivate because the apps are better for the android and FREE! and I haven’t had any problem with the captivate…

  • There are many factors to keep in mind when the choice between the Samsung Captivate and the apple Iphone4, the first thing you should do is consider what you are truly looking for in a cell phone some good questions to ask yourself 1. are you brand loyal or are you open minded? 2. what are you going to be using your cell phone for mostly? 3. what are you looking for in your applications? 4. how often are you going to be using your cell phone? 5. how much are you looking to spend on a new cell phone just to name a few. Here is a good breakdown of the devices that should be of main focus.

    If your brand loyal and not very open minded then this site really does not mean anything to you in the first place as you have already made up your mind as to what you want to get or what you are leaning towards more, however, if you are open minded I would give a real open look to the samsung captivate you can purchase the captivate for almost half the price of your Iphone4 with contract as I purchased mine online for exactly 0.01 cents plus shipping came to like 32 dollars vs I phone that would easily be 199.99 with a two year contract.

    The Captivate runs off the android operating system which is much newer than apples thus a lot less reformed. Android has about half the amount of applications compared to apple, but its good to look into the system most application through Android are the ones that people use the most frequently, and unlike apple you do not get charged for downloading applications all are free on the Android system.

    The Iphone4 offers up about 1.5 to 2 hrs more straight talk time on their battery than Samsung does so if your a heavy talker or do a lot of business meetings via the cell phone apple takes the cake, however, as far as stand time the captivate will keep charge a little longer in the long run so if you do not talk on the phone or use it much the Captivate will stay charged a little longer between time

    Another important thing to take into mind is if you are someone that likes face to face talk time via your phone be it meetings or business the apple Iphone4 offers up dual side cameras for face chat where the captivate simply does not have that feature. The apple also has a built in flash for their camera unlike the captivate which adds to the photo enthusiast. As far as the quality of the camera itself they are both a 5 mega pixel both really good as far as quality goes… and I cannot stress this enough the captivate is a lot cheaper….

    The durability of the both are really great and the at&t plans make it cheap and simple to replace either if they get broken or have defects as they offer up cheap monthly insurance that anyone can purchase on their phone that covers a wide verity of things..

  • Chris E.
    August 2, 2011

    okay, let me start off by saying,the blogs or forums or wat ever u want to call them tell u alot.but not wat u wanna hear. they get all techy with it. im only 15!!! Why do i care if it has a 1ghz processor. my mom has a iphone 3gs. she dosent have aot of missed calls, dont get me wrong she complains, but they r not tht bad. the apps r expensive, and i cant get anything but free aps.i choose the captivate because i cudnt get a sony ericson xperia x10 or playy because AT&T dosent carry ehier anymore( go ahead, deny it, ive called, went on the internet, chat wit walmart). they both look like great phones, but lets look at this from a teens point of view. wat i want is fast internet,u tube, cool aps,cool pics, facebook, aand braging rights. my mom dosnt even use her apps, i get them all. and btw i dont even have a the fone yet its gonna be at my house on thursday, the main reason i chose this over the iphone is the DNLA.y? because i have a ps3(add me if u have bloack ops lol) and it uses DNLA, windows7 which also uses DNLA, and a laptop from windows Vista which is also Dnla.i was looking for a fone with a micro sdslot to save all my songs. but the big reasin is, i hate being tied doen by apples music. my sis has an ipod tuch and we use ares for free music tht works on the iphone too. nut it is harder to use and u have to pay once b4 u use it.all and all, most people get on here and go balisitic over this. Hell there will be a new iphone soon. each phone has its pros and cons. it anoys me, more so than the xbox vs ps3 thing. its like comparing a farrari and a lambo, id kill to have ehhier one(thts an expression for all u wierdo people) but they are uniqe, from dif contries. so get over what ever phone pride u have because in two years u will dump the iphone4 for what ver new one they have, take the original iphone….. yeah who thinks of it anymore.

    • Chris, it sounds like you have a good idea of what you need. However, you should know that Wirefly does not sell phones for AT&T. If you’re looking for a phone for Sprint, Verizon or T-Mobile, we’d be honored if you shopped with us.

      Happy shopping!

      Bob at Wirefly

    • skyway1985
      February 13, 2012

      Chris, Ferrari and Lamborghini are both Italian :-)

  • Captivate supports Flash and that’s the end of the comparison! Go to Any website with the I-phone that runs flash and you will not be able to see the video at the very least; sometimes even worse you cannot see the entire screen, except for a message on the video clip that either states or “this device does not support flash”, “Please install flash” to which it gives a link to adobe which of course then states the device is not supported. Also Browsers, I-phone if at all supports a very limited 3rd party browsers. The only good thing about the I-phone is Retna display which uses slightly more pixels than the display in the Captivate. The Captivate however gives you freedom which means the ability to cut ties with i-tunes and use any music program and download many apps (exactly Identical)that cost money in the apple market are free in Android Market. The Captivate has it’s own pre-built-in program that lets you transfer any type of file to or from it like a hard drive. The captivate is much more like a computer than the I-phone and the I-phone is just the originator of the computer like interface so they have a constant loyalty which competitors do not meaning of course that I-phone doesn’t need as many bells and whistles when it comes down to it, a competitor of equal value will have more features.


  • BMCarter6
    May 25, 2011

    None of these postings are helpful to anyone truly deciding between the two phones. Most of these issues are user setup, coverage, app issues, and PREFERENCE. What do you use your phone for? I can do EVERYTHING I do on my desktop on my iPhone. I’m not a tech geek or anything, just basic Internet activity. I have yet to experience one single dropped call or any of the standard reported problems for the iPhone. I am 32 and basically use it as a phone, for texting, several handy apps for various activities, and on the fly research. I have handled the Captivate. It’s a fantastic phone but you must educate yourself on how to set it up (as any smartphone). Younger folks will like it for the larger screen for video/movie watching and Internet surfing. Everything is all about, what I call, “Instant Capability” for these younger kids. The Captivate’s sharper camera is ideal for this demographic as they constantly feel the need to document EVERYTHING!! I suggest to anyone who asks me (this seems to be the most common argument with AT&T phones) to just personally try both phones before making a decision. Only you know what you like. Sometimes you can’t explain why to a salesperson who is only concerned with the sale. Forums can be helpful but contributors tend to be bias towards the phone they decided on for whatever reason. Just try them for yourself. Make your own decision.

    • cdsmarts
      June 12, 2011

      The android phones are buit with the bases of a phone first which i phones lack, if u realy like iphones buy a droid and hit view apps its the same out ook but droids have an interface which is a screen where u can put ur apps widgets and etc. My mother and sister have iphones simply since they are simpler. But all my cool features they dont have they try to replicate with no luck. The apps are still in development remeber that droid market hasnt been around long wnougj to have all apples populariry. Apple also makes u pay through the roof for apps my ipad is a stupid invention because they charge a dollar more for each app to be ipad size which is bs. And ifu wnt a iphone that bad buy a older one its the same exact phone so the phone that changes everything doesnt change itself. Inthe 90′s phones had wallpapers why is it that apple couldnt do such a thing for wht 5 years. And what options do u have for a iphone a slide out keyboard? What about a blackberry style? Nope the amoled screen is so much brighter and all they way dim is like half a iphone bright, i had an itouch for years and it got a virus and apple had no idea what tp do but i fixed it myself what geniouses cant fixtheir own product. Get over the fad learn to use a real phone a drioid i highly suggest the captivate and its advances in technoogy over apple. Iphones are gunna be like myspace and droids will take over lije facebook.

  • Krishna
    May 24, 2011

    Captivate is a piece of junk. period. I drowned my iphone 4 and i had to buy another smartphone to keep my unlimited data plan. i got the samsung captivate for $140. that sure shows how poor the phone is. next, there no app in anroid that is better than ios apps. so shut up. i use a smart phone to not only make calls but also watch music, tether for business and music and photos. i agree that captivate takes good photos but i dont say that iphone 4 takes bad pics either. both take good pics and videos.

    the phone is frikkin slow.. damm slow. its not a smartphone.. its a dumb phone. it crashes atleast twice a day. and note that i have not rooted or done anything out of the ordinary.

    battery life.. worst battery life for a phone. for all those poor people who cant afford an iphone 4…. Get an iphone 4. use it for 6 months and then think of coming back to android. i am just waiting for my the next iphone to come and i am actively searching for another iphone 4 in the mean time. i dont care if the iphone 4 is scratched or broken. i need a realiable phone, one that can last a 2 hr business meeting, one that will not crash when i need it the most. and esp that does not boast as an iphone killer. and yes its true… there can never be an iphone killer or an ipad killer.. the others just want to dream.

    • Bluray
      May 29, 2011

      I have an iPad and I am no where near as pretentious as you are about it. I too had an iPhone and had to get a Captivate because I broke the iPhone. The captivate is much quicker than the iPhone. I was pleasantly surprised after using it for a week now. What’s also nice about the captivate is the fact that I don’t have to go to just one place for apps but I have a choice in where I can buy apps for it at. There are trade offs with any phone purchase.

    • Dramakiller
      October 31, 2011

      After reading this post the only thing I see is that the user of the phone is a klutz and probably shouldn’t have any kind of interaction with anything electronic. If you have any clue as to a phone business oriented and you boast about the iphone you need a degree and a sense of electronics. The iphone is by far the worst phone ever made for an adult. It is no easier to use that a older person who is going from a commadore to a windows 7 computer. Fix the real issue. The operator. The droid may be hard to get used to at first but It is a great invention and can do everything I want it to do.

  • For business/personal users, these reviews would be even better if they spent time discussing the syncing process for contacts, notes, email accounts with Mac and PC

  • Just got captivate. So far love it. Battery not staying charged :( ugh!!! Any tips on extending battery life?

    • Amy, the Captivate is a nice phone, especially since it now has Android 2.2. As for battery life, you may want to take it back to the store where you got it and ask if the battery is working properly. (Wirefly no longer sells the Captivate or other AT&T phones.) Otherwise, running the battery through a few charge/discharge cycles usually bring out the best life. You can also turn off features that you’re not using (such as GPS) to maximize battery life.

      Bob at Wirefly

    • danielle
      June 8, 2011

      go to settings then battery manager and change it to battery saver then turn ur backlight dwn

    • Stephanie T
      July 15, 2011

      Turn your wifi, notifcation, location services, push messages off when you are not using them. Turn your brightness to auto or a lower level. Use the sleep mode or set a timer for the phone to go to sleep after a minute of non use. Research methods for your phone that will save battery life. But we any smart phone, the battery is not going to last like the older phones do.

  • Shelly
    May 5, 2011

    I absolutly love my Captivate. Battery life no so good but use it all the time for everything. I recently added using my phone as a hot spot not connecting using usb. There is a issue there not sure how to fix. It seems to automatically shut off after 30 min or so any ideals?

    • I don’t really have any good suggestions for you, Shelly. Does the Captivate get hot when you use it as a hotspot? It might be shutting down because it gets too warm. Otherwise, you might want to check at an AT&T store and show them the problem.

      Bob at Wirefly

  • Alright, I totally gather that everyone says that there is no front-facing camera on the Captivate, but can someone PLEASE explain to me what the two tiny boxes are on the front of the phone next to the earpiece if it is not, in fact, a camera?! Because it REALLY looks like a camera to me; or, could it potentially be on a future software upgrade for the phone?

    • I just got the Captivate and as I had a samsung smart phone before, I can tell you that the two boxes on the phone are sensors. I believe one senses your ear so that the display can light up when you take the phone away from your head while talking so you can avoid hanging up with your cheek. The other I think might be a light sensor because I noticed my phone’s screen automatically adjusts depending on the lighting. I am blown away by this phone!

  • Read Erica first post above about iphone and captivate,all
    Erica will tell you is true!,I see hundreds of people complaining about iphone and want to get a captivate after using and seeing their friends.
    First the camera on captivate blows the iphone away for detail/color/clarity,close up photos are amazing.
    *Battery does not suck as mentioned from some people on here,and other places,Need a online training course how to use the cap properly i have gone over the phone with many through chats and email with their problems mainly 90% concerning battery life( How to set the phone up,Now they get 6-8hrs more than they had.I also can setup and explain anything for the phone.Some have showed up in my area with a coffee and a bag of donuts to go over all their setup issues.After they pawned off their other phones and would not look back.
    *screen is the best you will find for clarity/color(actly if any one knows or wants to care– Samsung make the (lower quality) screen for Iphones.
    *Captivate Easy to replace battery or have a spare,not like apple built in battery that you have to spend money send away to replace.
    *better apps and most free on the market/android for captivate.
    Any on here that have problems i can easly fix for your captivate mainly because you have no understanding on setup or use.

    • Hi nice comments on the phone. Would you mind helping me setting it up in order to make the battery last longer? Thanks a lot!

      • Reg, getting the most out of a cell phone’s battery is a hot topic. It’s hard to explain everything that can be done to conserve battery life on a message board, so your best bet is to take your phone to the carrier’s store (AT&T) and ask your question. Good luck!

        Bob at Wirefly

  • I cannot believe the comments ppl are putting about how BAD the captivate is! First of all, if you have a phone, it’s supposed to be used for communication purposes! If that’s the purpose of a phone, why be so concerned about the flash, facetalk, being able to watch netflix, or chatting on facebook? Everyone is overrating the iPhone 4! I have had one for 3 months, and let me tell ya…I love my phone! But when it comes to dropped calls, the IPhone is the worst! It never fails it drops a call any call I make or receive! Service isn’t the best either! Facebook will kick u off quite often! And yes u can get a virus on the iPhone! The battery problem is a negative also! It doesn’t last long at all! For business and travelling people, this sucks! You also have to send the phone to Apple for the battery to be changed out, and that’s a HUGE deal considering their aren’t many phones that take the mini sim card! So u would be without a phone for however long it takes Apple to get the business done and send it back to you! Loading the wed is slow as well! I hate that! With my kids being sick more often than not, that’s a big deal for me! They have different signs and symptoms with every disease process, as does everyone else, and researching is important! I loved the front camera for skyping with my friend who is in the Air Force deployed to Korea! That was the only reason! The front camera is awful! The pictures u take with it come out dark and dull! You can’t make out details! And I like to be able to see my kids faces clearly! U can’t in a picture taken from the front camera! Like I said…I love my iPhone, but the Captivate is so much better! I don’t care about the small things like front camera, flash, netflix, etc! That’s the least of my worries! As long as I can receive a call from the doctor or school without it dropping the call on me, I’m extremely happy to the max! Thanks Samsung for ur GREAT technology! Hope this helps u who are torn between the two! Captivate is definitely my #1 pick!

    • Disgusted
      March 27, 2011

      I’m still trying to figure out whether this person is some Indian telemarketer hired by Samsung to spam the internet, or just retarded.

      Honestly, the Captivate is not a bad phone, but everything about your post – from your arguments to your grammar – betrays your ignorance.

      • Who are you referring to on here?,Many people are well educated that made your slippery phone in your hands,With their education you just fell back to grade 3 buddy.Many can help you out with your problems,isnt that why you came here in the first place or did a search for your phone?,Now come on no excuses !
        So be careful what you say, i hate people that bash others on forums do to their grammar.

  • Just got my Captivate on 2-3-09… two words…. LOVE IT!!!!!!

  • Voice command for texting with the Captivate is right on that is!

  • Voice command for texting is right on!

  • Kushondra
    January 28, 2011

    I have the iPhone3gs and it’s time to upgrade. I’m completely torn between the captivate and iphone4. They both seem to have their pros and cons. Please help.

    • Wirefly doesn’t sell the iPhone, but the Captivate is a great phone. The Captivate should receive an update from Android 2.1 to Android 2.2 any day now, and that will make it even better. The iPhone 4 has an excellent display, but the big (4-inch) display on the Captivate is arguably better than the iPhone’s. That’s what seals the deal for me.

      Good luck with your purchase!

      Bob at Wirefly

      • The Captivate is 2.2 now. I am using it and I love it!

    • 24 hours. Thats how long I kept the captivate after switching from the IPhone4. I will NEVER stray again!

  • I’m almost positive that I am the only person commenting who has used both the iphone 4 and the Captivate for more than several months each.
    My two cents;
    I used the Captivate first, fell in love. The 4″ screen is addicting. The customization is also a big plus. The processor is fast, snappy, and very reliable. Some apps “Force Close” but most of the time thats an app bug, not a phone problem.
    The captivate did freeze on me a few times. It would shut off randomly, the soft keys would stop working, The Youtube videos were never very clear either.

    Now the iPhone, which I decided to test AFTER the Captivate.
    The iphone4 has so many MORE features. One small feature that really made me smile, was the “chat” option on the Facebook app. Lets you chat live with other facebook users.
    Something Samsungs Facebook App did not include.
    The iphone 4 also has the front facing camera which allows Facetime, and Skype capabilities.
    The camera on the iphone 4 is 5megapixel, as well as Captivate. But Iphone includes flash,
    Captivate does not.
    The Captivates camera is a bit more customizable than iPhone.

    The iphones size, and shape just fits in your hand better than the captivate, even though the screen in .5″ smaller, it is MUCH easier to text on.

    Its not that iphone is a popular brand, its not that its over priced, its honestly the best phone I have ever used.

    I only know of 1 other person with an iphone, only one out of the lots of peopls I see every day.

    It may be expensive, but its so, so worth it.

  • My biggest issue right now is the apps AT&T makes you keep on your phone and also the fact that Froyo was promised to Galaxy S phones months ago and so far the Vibrant is the only one that has it(as of today). I imagine the other galaxy s phone are not far behind but I am skeptical about buying it until there is an official release date for Froyo for AT&T or if AT&T releases it randomly

  • John Doe
    January 21, 2011

    I have the iphone and its cool all of the apps are fun. But the battery life is not as good as they say I dont use it alot. The web browsing on the iphone 4 is okay not great. And every fun app in the app store cost a ton. I might switch to the captivate!! Let me know what you think

    • Both the iPhone and the Samsung Captivate are great phones, John. The Captivate has one of the nicest displays available on any cell phone, so take a good look at it. At Wirefly, we strongly recommend the Captivate to AT&T customers and we don’t think you’ll be disappointed.


  • okay so i got the iphone 4 it is pretty much the same thing as the captivate just set up different it does have a flash and u can take pictures on the front screen..perhaps group photo and u have no one to take the photo…its really hard to do on the captivate. I like them both captivates cheaper and its pretty much the same thing as the iphone both are very good buys!

  • I have a Samsung captivate and I broke the screen on it by laying on it under a pillow. I have done that a hundred time and nothing ever happened. I loved my captivate but I have been having software problems so I am thinking about getting a iphone4…I will let u know what phone I get and if I get the iphone 4 I will tell u which one I like best!

    • I had the Captivate for 2 weeks and loved the features, but found many bugs that made it frustrating to use. My husband has the iphone 4 and it’s boring compared to the Captivate, but at least it’s more reliable.

  • Tomorrow I want to buy phone, but I still can’t deside wich one, captivate have Predictable text , iPhon don’t – for me it’s very important. I did have iPhone3 and it’s tru about drop phone calls

    • Get captivate

    • English
      July 15, 2011

      The Captivate would be 10x better than the I-phone if there weren’t so many software bugs, none the less, I still love my captivate and would not buy an I-phone. On another note; although you have the right to type what you’d like, please learn how to spell the most basic words. Text language (or short-hand) is fine, but people can’t help you decide if you do not at least ask your question clearly.

  • I’ve been using a captivate for about 2 months now. Overall it is a pretty good device. There are pro’s and cons for both the iphone and the captivate but I do not regret my choice at all. I’ve had no problems with dropped calls, and my only one complaint is that the batter lasts about 1 day. I do however always have my data turned on, and am frequently visiting websites, emails and downloading apps from the android market. In comparison to the iPhone you really can’t tell the difference in terms of resolution, the AMOLEDscreen is just that awesome. The device is a bit larger, and does require a small learning curve if your coming over from something like the Symbian OS or a Blackberry but all in all I personally have not had any issues with the phone.

    How reliable am I? Well I work for a phone company and this is the device I went with when all others (including the iPhone) were at my fingertips. Its a good device, but just as any other smartphone I wouldn’t sign up for more than a 2 year contract/term.

  • May Ling
    January 7, 2011

    I agree with Nancy. Just got my phone and almost every call today was dropped and some a few times. My previous phone didn’t do this with the same sim card in the exact same room of my house. I don’t think the user-interface is intuitive either and takes longer to dial a number than other phones.

    • I’ve had the Captivate for a month now. I had lost my iPhone 3G and needed a new one. I have to completely disagree with Nancy and May Ling. With my iPhone, I had problems with dropped calls. With Captivate, I do not. The camera is comparable to the iPhone 4 which my husband has and is better than the Palm and Blackberries, which a few friends have. Swype is fantastic and I have no real problems. If it doesn’t recognize a word, or is unsure it will give you options. In the case of not recognized, once you use whatever the word is, it is then in whatever word bank Swype uses. Did I mention the FREE ringtone apps that actually have usable ringtones? LOVE IT. I also just found out that if you want to assign tones to each contact, you have to have saved those contacts on the phone, not the SIM or your google. The camera does not have a flash but it does have a setting that you can use, say in a bar, and you will never know there was no flash used. That is a plus considering people hate flashes. The only disappointment for me is that I can’t video chat, but that’s not so bad either considering I would only use it once or twice a year when I go to visit my family in Mississippi and want to see my husband who can’t go because of work. Hope this helps. Both Captivate and iPhone 4 are great choices.

  • have had my captivate for about a month now and i LOVE it. had to change some settings to make the battery last longer (i.e. don’t have my gmail refreshing constantly on its own, rather have it refresh manually when i check gmail) and now it lasts about a day and a half.

    i am, however, going to switch to an iphone4 because i want to be able to facetime my family who have iphone4s. if captivate had a front facing camera, i’d have no complaints. but all my family live far away from me, so the face-to-face conversation is important.

    if that’s not a big deal to you, go captivate. my husband has an iphone4 and i think my samsung is superior (front facing camera issue aside).

  • dramablondie
    January 3, 2011

    anyone know how to stop the screen from turning off and locking constantly?
    Have already set the delay for 2 mins, but it will turn off for no reason . . .
    other than that, i love the phone

    • i had the same problem. After researching, I found that I had an old model of the phone. It turned out that any Captivate that was manufactured prior to November 1, 2010 had this problem. I brought it back to Best Buy and they gave me a new one. No problems since.

  • I am considering getting the Captivate but have been warned about getting virus’s on the phone, where there is no chnace of getting a virus on the IPhone, please help is this true and can you download a anti-virus protector

    • Well I have the captivate and I love it it dose Have a app that tells u something is wrong with the phone and if you loose it you can go on a website and it will search were it is without haveing to call AT&T! The app is called lookout

  • I have a chioce to get an iphone or a captivate, but i cant have a smart phone unless i pay the price for the data plan. And i need to know which phone out of the captivate and iphone 4 or iphone 3 costs less for the data plan. Email me back as soon as possible and let me know which phone pays less for the data plan.

    • Both phones are on the ATT network- you will pay the same for both phones depending on the data plan you agree to…

  • I have had the captive since november before that i have had just about every top of the line smart phone u could think of from blackberry storm to the mottorolla cliq to the iphone 4 and the captivate surpasses all them by far yeah the battery could be a lil bit better but other than that no complaints and as for the swype feature how u think I typed this comment

  • I was a Bold user – my husnband just switched to an Iphone4 and he likes it. I just switched to Captivate and I hate it. It is to NOT intuitive. Constantly have to turn it back on because it keeps going off (I even extended the screen saver mode time). The keyboard and Swype don’t respond when I tap them to type and Swype constantly asks me what I was trying to do because it “didn’t know” (even when I’m not typing something!) The camera is horrible in that it doesn’t even show the picture you just took without having to back out of the camera, launch the gallery, then try to find the pictures you just took. That is completely unacceptable – every digital camera under the sun lets you view the the pic to see if eyes were closed or at least pull up the picture from that screen. (I HATE THIS PART OF THE PHONE!!!) (With the berry I could rename and email pix instantly.) Plus no flash. The apps seems to move around and disappear to other screens. Some of this may be because I’m new using it, but I can’t stand this phone. And worst of all, it has DROPPED 100% of every call I’ve made. On on recent call within about 2 minutes, the call was dropped 4 times…FOUR TIMES in less than 2 minutes!! That is completely unacceptable for a PHONE. I have downloaded only a couple of apps so far for my child and they are very good- about the only thing I like about the phone.

    • Chris Oldaker
      December 24, 2010

      You can change the camera settings to review pictures, I have it set that way on my Captivate…
      I have had no problems with Swype or call dropping, and seeing as how it is not a widespread concern, it is likely a unique problem you must identify in order to correct. It’s likely you are covering the signal receiver while you talk, or have poor signal.

    • There is actually a setting for the captivate that you can preview the picture after you’ve taken it. It was driving me nuts at first too but I changed the setting.

    • You obviously shouldn’t have a smartphone at all or at least stick to the iphone which anyone can figure out. Everything you said about the phone was wrong and everything you said it doesnt do it does, i guess you didn’t take much time to learn about the phone and the android system before you got it. Trust me the phone does everything and more

  • if you have problem with the battery then buy extra battery? for captivate, did you ever think that your iphone4 easily change the battery? hell nah you need to sent you iphone4 into apple and it cost a lot of money lol

  • I can’t watch netflix on Captivate; I can’t seem to synch yahoo mail; every app regardless of how lame costs $$ and the maps don’t have satelite views. For these reasons I’m going back to swap for an iphone 4 regardless of screen size.

  • I was torn between the two but I settled with the less expensive one and a friend of mine has been using iPhone since it came out so she went and got of course the iPhone4. After oying with hers and her doing the same with mine we both come to an agreement. Captivate is the best!!! She recently traded hers in for a Captivate. It is a much user friendly phone to the average person. If you do a lot of personal business and traveling the iPhone is better but for 2 girls in their early-mid 20s. Captivate is the best option.

  • I have been using iphone since they have been out. I just purchased the Captivate and I can not tell you how much better is Galaxy S is awesome phone, not only it has a bigger display it is faster,apps 70 pct free and droid is the best. I Thank You Samsung good job. Very vibrant display it is like watching led tv. Also has live wallpapers capability.

    I totally Love it.

  • Mitchell grushen
    December 9, 2010

    I have had the captivate for a few months and I have always had an issue with it’s poor battery life. Il charge it over night and wake up at 7 am and the battery turns red around 5 o’clock. I use it frequently but if you use your phone more than you dint use it, the captivate isn’t for you.

  • I have the Captivate and I’m disappointed that you can’t do blue tooth headset voice dial. On my last 3 OLDER phones I was able to voice dial from a blue tooth headset but not with this new advanced phone. The Captivate is a amazing mini mobile computer but when it can’t do what cheap basic phones have been doing for the at least the last 5 years… well I’m taking mine back and getting an iphone 4.

  • The Captivate’s battery SUCKS. Absolutely horrendous. I like the screen, though.

    • U say it sucks because you dont know how to adjust the phone or set anything ,cap is the best phone you can get period!

  • Ed Zoner
    December 1, 2010

    oops.. there it is

  • Ed Zoner
    December 1, 2010

    I noticed,…no mention of Battery Life,you know,…the KEY to a Good Phone!

  • Swipe typing on Captivate is Key!

  • I picked the Captivate because of the speed on web browsing.

    • nah the captivate is not faster than the iphone 4 i have both phones and the iphone 4 is a little bit faster than the captivate but the neat thing about the captivate is that it supports flash and moving pictures in the background but the iphone has a better camera

  • I just got the Captivate and my mom has the i phone. i say hands down captivate!! If someone is calling you and you are really busy all you hae to do is side a slide that has send message and pick or write a message and it lets the person know where or y you cant get to the phone. My mom love the captivate so much better. it my 4th day having it and its amazing!!!!! The keybord is so big to !!! so as you can tell me and my mom love the captivate!!! if you are torn between both read all these cmments you will totally go with the captivate after you read all them!! Make the right choice chose captivate!!!!!

    • You are so right I LOVE CAPTIVATE in fact Im adding a line and getting another Captivate.

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