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Cell Phone Comparisons
Samsung Fascinate vs. Motorola DROID 2

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September 7th, 2010


Key Differences

  • Operating system: Both devices are powered by Google’s Android operating system. The Motorola DROID 2 has a slightly modified version of the standard Google Experience that adds a few nice enhancements, including a number of widgets such as a social networking and visual bookmarking widget. The Fascinate has version 3.0 of Samsung’s custom user interface called TouchWiz. TouchWiz offers a number of advanced customization options and Samsung widgets for the Fascinate. Of course, the choice between the two interfaces all comes down to personal preference, and many users will likely prefer one interface over the other.
  • Keyboard: While the Fascinate offers a great virtual (on-screen) QWERTY keyboard, the DROID 2 provides a comfortable (and much-improved over its predecessor) slide-out physical QWERTY keyboard in addition to a virtual QWERTY.  Users preferring a physical keyboard may be easily swayed into choosing the DROID 2.
  • Display: Both the DROID 2 and Fascinate have impressive displays that offer a great movie watching and web browsing experience.  The Fascinate (4.0-inch SUPER AMOLED) has a slightly larger screen than the DROID 2 (3.7-inch AMOLED). The Fascinate’s display arguably offers slightly richer colors and a more vivid picture.
  • Camera: Both devices are equipped with great rear-facing 5-megapixel cameras with autofocus and LED flash for improved photos in low lighting. The Fascinate touts the ability to record HD-quality video at 720P.  While the DROID 2 can still record great video, it is limited to DVD-quality video.
  • Design: Because of the presence of the slide-out physical QWERTY keyboard, the Motorola DROID 2 is a noticeable heavier and thicker device than the Fascinate. Both devices, however, are compact and will fit comfortably in most any pocket or purse.

Samsung Fascinate Motorola DROID 2
Samsung Fascinate Motorola DROID 2
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Wirefly’s Price (as of publish date) Too low to show Too low to show
Carrier Verizon Wireless Verizon Wireless
Operating System Android 2.1 (expected to get 2.2) Android 2.2
Interface Samsung TouchWiz 3.0 Modified Google Experience
Display 4″ Super AMOLED, 480×800 3.7″, 480 x 854 Pixels
Data Speed 3G 3G
Global Roaming No No
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth Bluetooth 3.0 Bluetooth 2.1
Mobile Hotspot Yes Yes
Camera 5-megapixel, dual LED flash and auto-focus 5-megapixel, dual LED flash and autofocus
Front-facing Camera No No
Video Capture Yes; HD 720P (30 fps) Yes; DVD-D1
Apps Android Market Android Market
Adobe Flash Support Adobe Flash Lite Adobe Flash 10.1
Storage Space 18GB Total (2GB on-board; 16GB microSD card pre-installed) 16GB Total (8GB on-board, 8GB pre-installed microSD card)
Keyboard Virtual QWERTY Physical slide-out QWERTY and virtual QWERTY
Battery Up to 7 hours talk time; up to 312 hours standby Up to 9.5 hours talk time; up to 315 hours standby
Processor 1 GHz Hummingbird Cortex A8 1 GHz TI OMAP 3630-1000
Memory RAM:512MB RAM:512MB
Microsoft Outlook Support Yes Yes
View Word Docs Yes Yes
Weight 4.1 oz 5.96 oz
Dimensions 2.52″ x 4.91″ x 0.41″ 2.38″ x 4.58″ x 0.54″

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Up to 450 min. usage; 500 hr. standby

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16 Responses to “Samsung Fascinate vs. Motorola DROID 2”

  • I had a Droid 2 and I didn’t really like it. I loved the keyboard but it was all just too slow when it rotated when you opened the keyboard up. I switched to a Fascinate because it looked more clean all around, and the screen was 10x better than the droid. Plus you can download better keyboard on the market.

  • Does anyone know how to prevent Exchange email from being deleted on the server when you delete it on the Fascinate? I know that goes against most peoples thinking but I have a user who wants to keep a lot of email on his computer but not on his phone. He wants to view it on the phone, then delete it but still have it on the server. Blackberry allowed some tweaking of the sync settings but I haven’t seen that in EAS.

  • Shaddix
    January 7, 2011

    I’m sure the samsung will be great until it starts falling apart 4 months down the road.

  • fascinate beats droid two…definitely . its way more user friendly than the droid 2, very easy to text with, way better graphics and colors with the super amoled screen, it is lighter than the droid 2, great for networking and the speakerphone works great, very loud, i don’t know how anybody has any complaints about that, much better widgets than the droid 2, and just a better layout. it is so much better than the droid two. SAMSUNG FASCINATE WINS!!!

  • Droid_Dude
    November 9, 2010

    The droid 2 rapes the fascinate in pretty much everything. battery life, texting, and composing email, and surfacing the web.

  • Droid_Dude
    November 6, 2010

    I’ve seen quite the spiff on the samsung facinate but I dnt think its nearly as good as the incredible

  • Fascinate keyboard is not nearly as nice as the one on the iPhone. But the processor and web display speed is sweet, but again graphics are no where near that of the iPhone.

    • There not comparing them to the iphone so your responce is so out of context.

      I’ve got the droid 2 and actually I’ve had some problems with the structure of it. This is my second and going this week to get my third. Im highly thinking about getting the facinate. Is anybody else having this problem? If so please tell me if its supposed to or not.

      • Droid_Dude
        October 10, 2010

        I don’t know what to tell you I’ve had ny droid 2 for quite some time and I didn’t really find any problem with it but I must say I did have some reception delays when I first got my phone. I don’t know what happened but after a little while it went away I suggest for you to wait maybe just a little perhaps it would get better if not then try the droid X instead with verizon.

      • Greg Shell
        December 7, 2010

        I have had a Fascinate for a couple weeks now and I am really enjoying it. The mail sync with exchange and calendar, the browser, camera, videos, network sharing all work very well. The speakerphone is not the best, but it works and seeing that all the other things work as well as they do, I give it a thumbs up and recommend it. I do wish it had a little more internal memory but since it comes with a 16Gb card, I am not complaining much. I have filled it up with audio files so it looks like I will need to get a 32GB soon.

      • yes! i bought myself and my sister droid 2′s on the same day and we are both having the exact same problems, and hers are so severe that she can pretty much only talk and text on the phone now so im trying to talk her out of getting another droid 2 because i think they are junk

      • I’m having problems with my droid 2 as well. Luckily I’m still in the first month so I can exchange it at a lower price to get the facinate. My friend has a facinate and loves it and when I played around with it I also really enjoyed it much better than the Droid 2. I was so determined to get a phone with a keyboard which is the main reason why I got the Droid 2 but the size and weight of the facinate and the touch screen is much improved than my Dare I had. I never gave these new touch screens a chance but I learned my leason.

    • Is texting better on the droid 2 or fascinate?

  • Michael Martin
    September 7, 2010

    The Fascinate does come with flash for the camera as opposed to most other Samsung Galaxy S devices.

    • Perfectsite2020.com/sixfeetunder
      October 9, 2010

      I started this site to help support Droid – it is far from complete but will grow as my experience with Adroid grows.For starters I have the Droid X – it’s horrible. I want to switch to the Fascinate or the Droid 2. The Droid X is so large, my hand falls asleep holding it. The Droid 2 is a simliar interface just smaller. All of the phones can utilize June Frabrics . Com software. It allows you to use your phone’s Unlimited Internet on your Laptop. Many have done it with the Fascinate, iphone, Droid X and Droid 2. I have used it on Droid X and Blackberry. It works great – Full Version $34.00 one time fee. The iphone does stand alone. Even as a Android Fan I will be getting an Ipad Touch w/o internet feature. It’s jus ta cool interface. But you can’t beat the number of Droid APPS – and so many of them free…

      • Greg Shell
        December 7, 2010

        Like I said on a previous reply, I have had a Fascinate for a couple weeks and I recommend it.

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