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Facebook BlackBerry App – Video Demo

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February 19th, 2010


By Ari Driessen
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While still not the best mobile implementation of Facebook the smartphone world has ever seen, Facebook for BlackBerry has come a long way from its undeniably humble beginnings and will satisfy most serious Facebookers who want to take much of the functionality of their beloved social network with them wherever they go.

Facebook’s BlackBerry app features relatively tight integration with your device. From your home screen, a Facebook icon will notify you of new messages, friend requests, pokes — all that good stuff. The app will also optionally sync information from Facebook with your BlackBerry contacts, calendar, and messages.

Your contacts can be linked with their profiles on Facebook, syncing content including contact’s pictures and companies. Facebook invitations can automatically be added to your BlackBerry calendar, and Facebook messages can display in your inbox.

Within the app, users can browse their news feed, as well as “like” and comment on posts. Users can also view their friend’s profiles, including wall posts, photo albums, and all photos. From a profile, BlackBerry app users can also give friends a nice, solid poke, send them a message, or write on their wall. There’s also an option to add new friends via email.

Sharing photos through the Facebook app is a much-improved experience in the latest versions. Selecting the photo button allows users to take a picture using the on-board camera, or select a stored photo to upload. Hit that play button for a quick video overview of the Facebook app for BlackBerry.

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