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HTC Sense Update Brings Bevy of New Features

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September 16th, 2010


By Ari Driessen

Via SlashGear

Indeed HTC has always touted its Sense user interface as the signature mark of a smartphone that can dare to call itself the “cadillac of smartphones.” During yesterday’s announcement of the upcoming HTC Desire HD and Desire Z smartphones, the smartphone manufacturer revealed an impressive set of features set to grace the next update to its Sense user interface — which the device maker reportedly referred to as not an operating system overlay, but “a holistic experience filled with moments of delight.”

Such new moments of pure delight will include:

HTCSense.com – A free service on par with Apple’s MobileMe that will offer remote wipe capabilities, wireless backup services for SMS and email messages, and the ability to locate a lost phone. The service will also allow users to remotely forward their calls if they’ve forgotten their phone, and also send their device map coordinates and trip information.

DLNA support – Wirelessly stream video to compatible TVs and monitors, or using HTC’s wireless TV adapter that plugs in through HDMI.

New incoming call screen – Instead of an incoming call notification occupying the entire display, the incoming call screen will partially slide up from the bottom.

Shorter boot time – Devices will boot in 10 seconds, allowing faster access to call and messaging functionality.

Cached map data – Map data is stored on the device, reducing the amount of time required to render maps.

Digital compass – Maps will render in the direction the user is facing.

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One Response to “HTC Sense Update Brings Bevy of New Features”

  • argos ortiz jr.
    October 30, 2010

    thank you for your time. im a verizonwireless subscriber and i just completed my 2 year contract. im in the middle of deciding to get a smartphone right now or wait for the 4G phones to come out soon. is verizon coming out with smartphones any time soon to work with the 4G system? im undecided between the nmotorola incredible or the HTC incredidble? is HTC going to come out with a 4G phone for verizon soon like the one they have for sprint? when does verizon plan oon coming out with new 4G phones? when is it going to use 4G? much thnanks for the reply and advice.

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