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New Version of webOS Promises Pre Users Plenty to Purr About

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September 28th, 2009


By Ari Driessen
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Palm Pre

The wait may finally be over for Palm Pre users. Expected to hit handsets at some point this week (just don’t hold your breath), webOS version 1.2.1 will reportedly bring more than 70 improvements to Palm’s flagship smartphone.

According to reports from PreCentral, the latest update to webOS will be available this week after allegedly being delayed to allow Sprint to give the firmware update a more thorough once-over. The website is also reporting that, among other noteworthy additional features and enhancements, the update will restore the Pre’s ability to sync with the latest version of Apple’s iTunes.

Devoted Pre enthusiasts have already poured over a leaked version of the update, and were kind enough to share their leanings with PreCentral. After Sprint gives the green light, Pre users can expect their smartphones to sport a number of additional enhancements and new tricks including:

  • improved copy & paste functionality;
  • ability to save and share images;
  • ability to download files from the browser, including PDF’s;
  • auto-zoom when selecting a field in the browser;
  • ability to open web links in a new card;
  • ability to control music when the screen is locked;
  • email enhancements including ‘find-as-you-type’ search support;
  • a more speedy phone application;
  • ability to disable data usage;
  • and improvements to notifications, and possibly the inclusion of LED notifications.

In addition to these enhancements, update 1.2.1 is expected to give Palm App Catalog developers a place to sell their wares by opening up the mobile application store to paid additions. The inclusion of paid applications in the App Catalog promises to bring a host of new applications to the Pre-faithful.

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